Carbon Steel Socket Weld Flanges


Carbon Steel Socket flanges are being made of carbon steel metals i.e. carbon steel plates and or forgeable solid bars. These flanges are exclusively designed for the purpose of welding the flanges to the subject. For example it will be welded to the end of pipes and not screwed up to pipe as it don't have threaded in it's inner diameter. In other words the internal diameter of these carbon steel socket weld flanges are not through, there is step in it's inner diameter with suitable dimensions to it's pipe to be fitted with.


Carbon Steel Socket Weld Flanges ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Socket Weld forged Flange

Carbon steel Socket Weld flanges were initially developed for use on small-size high pressure piping. These flanges static strength is equal to Carbon steel Slip On flanges, but their fatigue strength 50% greater than double-welded Carbon steel Slip On flanges.

The connection with the pipe is done with 1 fillet weld, at the outside of the Carbon steel flange. But before welding, a space must be created between Carbon steel flange or fitting and Carbon steel pipe.

ASME B31.1 1998 127.3 Preparation for Welding (E) Socket Weld Assembly clearly indicates that
in assembly of the joint before welding, the pipe or tube shall be inserted into the socket slot of these Carbon steel flange to the maximum depth and then withdrawn approximately 1/16" (1.6 mm) away from contact between the end of the pipe and the shoulder of the socket of this Carbon steel flange.The purpose for the bottoming clearance in a Socket Welding is usually to minimize the residual stress at the root of the weld that could occur during welding operation of the weld metal. The below mentioned image shows you the X measure for the expansion gap for Carbon steel socket weld flange.


1. Socket Weld carbon steel flange 2. Filled weld 3. Pipe X = Expansion gap


The disadvantage of this carbon steel flange is right the gap, that must be made. By corrosive products, and mainly in stainless steel pipe systems, the crack between pipe and flange can give corrosion problems. In some processes this carbon steel flange is also not allowed.


Carbon Steel Socket Weld Flanges Finish


We are making these flanges with all finish i.e. normal varnished condition or black colored to save it from rusting in open air. On demand we do accept order for carbon steel socket weld flanges in galvanized and Hot dip galvanized condition. All our carbon steel socket weld forged flanges are varnished and packed in export worthy packaging to protect flanges. On demand we can have the PP cap on all flanges to protect flanges from any kind of mark or scratch.



Dimensions and weight of Carbon Steel Socket Weld Flanges size and pressure ratings


From 1/2" NB ( 15 NB) to 24" NB (600 NB) and pressure rating from 150 pound / class to 2500 pound / class. Find complete detailed dimensions of all these carbon steel forged flanges here as following.


Technical Standards Applicable for Carbon Steel Socket weld forged Flanges

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Application of Carbon Steel Socket Weld flanges


Oil and Gas Industries
Water and Waste water treatment Plants
Ship building Industries
Marine Industries
Offshore Industries


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